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Visar inlägg med etikett sys_public. Visa alla inlägg

måndag 22 februari 2016

Having knowledge public with Version 3

As some of you may have noticed, upgrading to knowledge version 3 made a big impact by making it impossible to have the a knowledge base "real" public. What I mean with real public is that user can use the knowledge base without having to log in first. This was possible in version 2, but right now in version 3, the user need to be logged in, even if the user doesn't have any roles.

This was a critical problem for us since we had a deadline to migrate our current knowledge base into Servicenow. Here is the solution.

måndag 1 februari 2016

PART 1 - The magical tables that ain't so easy to know about in the beginning

When I started to wander into the land of ServiceNow I had a hard time trying to do the easiest thing.

For example:
I had a Service Manager coming to me and asking a simple demand like: I want a list over all my groups that I mange and its members. It sounded like a easy thing but all I knew was that I could go the the "groups" list and then I hit the wall trying to figure out how to filter/config layout to give me the result I wanted.

And after searching quite some time since I didn't believe I was the only one with this problem I found the solution. There are a few tables that combines other tables by default. You just need to know them.

måndag 11 januari 2016