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måndag 8 februari 2016

Making your own "new Feature" window

Been having some trouble reaching out to the users with our own "new releases" and the information about our own fixes and new functionality. Looking at the community I realized that I wasn't alone with this problem. Today people are getting flooded with information through email so we threw that idea out the window. We also tried to publish the releases with knowledge articles, but the success hasn't been overwhelming.

So now I was thinking that perhaps we should do like ServiceNow and throw up a popup windows when user logs in. And this is how I did it.

måndag 11 januari 2016

fredag 8 januari 2016

Syntax editor macros... a tiny thing that makes the developer life a lot easier

This is one of the little things that I learned about when I went to the ServiceNow scripting course. And if I hadn't gone the course, I can promise you I would never have known about it.

måndag 4 januari 2016

Part 1: AngularJS, JSON & public UI Pages. How do I get it all together?

A thing that has been a pain in my back for quite some time now is how to publish something public and still make it fetch records from ServiceNow.

And before I begin I would like to send a special thanks to Rushit Patel on the ServiceNow community. Without the help from him, I wouldn't have gotten this far. Hopefully this blog will help others doing some amazing stuff with AngularJS and ServiceNow.