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måndag 28 mars 2016

Inactivity Monitor.... What is that?

I ran into this by accident. I was looking at a Priority 1 incident and couldn't understand why it had an updated date when no one had done anything. It turned out it might be the work of the inactivity monitor...

måndag 14 mars 2016

Fire an email notification from a schedule job

This question popped up in the community and I thought I might as well put the answer here as well. Question was how you could check if the valid to date is 30 days from now and then send a notification to the KB managers.

måndag 8 februari 2016

Making your own "new Feature" window

Been having some trouble reaching out to the users with our own "new releases" and the information about our own fixes and new functionality. Looking at the community I realized that I wasn't alone with this problem. Today people are getting flooded with information through email so we threw that idea out the window. We also tried to publish the releases with knowledge articles, but the success hasn't been overwhelming.

So now I was thinking that perhaps we should do like ServiceNow and throw up a popup windows when user logs in. And this is how I did it.