Visar inlägg med etikett Knowledge V3. Visa alla inlägg
Visar inlägg med etikett Knowledge V3. Visa alla inlägg

måndag 22 februari 2016

Having knowledge public with Version 3

As some of you may have noticed, upgrading to knowledge version 3 made a big impact by making it impossible to have the a knowledge base "real" public. What I mean with real public is that user can use the knowledge base without having to log in first. This was possible in version 2, but right now in version 3, the user need to be logged in, even if the user doesn't have any roles.

This was a critical problem for us since we had a deadline to migrate our current knowledge base into Servicenow. Here is the solution.

fredag 19 februari 2016

Import Word doc is finally here!

Finally we are able to import word documents with pictures into knowledge articles with an build in functionality.

This has been an issue for me and spend many hours trying to get the scripts found in the community to work for us in Fuji and it doesn't work flawless...

But now the hero has arisen. In Geneva,  ServiceNow has heard the voices of the community and added the function to import a word document to a knowledge article with a few clicks.

måndag 28 december 2015

Knowledge: the use of the table kb_use

I've been looking for a easy way to get an overview over the "views" on articles and a simple way of creating reports on this. Sometimes just to see how many and who looked at a specific article, people claiming they looked through the article but you have a feeling they didn't even look at it. In this table you can also see if the article have been attached to an incident (or any task).