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Visar inlägg med etikett Kb_use. Visa alla inlägg

måndag 1 februari 2016

PART 1 - The magical tables that ain't so easy to know about in the beginning

When I started to wander into the land of ServiceNow I had a hard time trying to do the easiest thing.

For example:
I had a Service Manager coming to me and asking a simple demand like: I want a list over all my groups that I mange and its members. It sounded like a easy thing but all I knew was that I could go the the "groups" list and then I hit the wall trying to figure out how to filter/config layout to give me the result I wanted.

And after searching quite some time since I didn't believe I was the only one with this problem I found the solution. There are a few tables that combines other tables by default. You just need to know them.

måndag 28 december 2015

Knowledge: the use of the table kb_use

I've been looking for a easy way to get an overview over the "views" on articles and a simple way of creating reports on this. Sometimes just to see how many and who looked at a specific article, people claiming they looked through the article but you have a feeling they didn't even look at it. In this table you can also see if the article have been attached to an incident (or any task).